Yogurt Dipped Oranges

My kids love sweets so I am forever trying to find sweet treats that are not just full of sugar! They love yogurt and Halo oranges so these yogurt dipped oranges are perfect!

Here’s what you need to make these yogurt dipped oranges:

  • 3-4 Halo oranges peeled
  • 1 small container of greek vanilla yogurt
  • (Food coloring is optional)
  • Sprinkles
  • A foil lined tray or plate that can go in the freezer

Start by getting your supplies ready. Put the yogurt in a small, shallow dish. You do NOT have to add food coloring but since it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day and Easter we did to make it more festive. Peel all the Halos. One at a time, dip each segment half way into the yogurt. Place them on the tray and keep going until all are dipped. Finally, add sprinkles! This is certainly not a must either but sure makes it more kid friendly and fun!

Freeze the tray for 1 hour and then enjoy your treats! Eat them fast because the yogurt does melt and then you’ll have a big mess. These are great for an after dinner treat or even a snack for after school. My kids loved them and even my husband did too. They do get VERY cold in the freezer so we all got a nice brain freeze 🙂

Looking for more treats that are not full of sugar? Try these frozen yogurt bites and healthy cookies.

I’m partnering with @halosfun to spread Pure Goodness. Thank you for the samples! 

Yogurt Dipped Oranges

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