Unconventional Reminders at Daylight Savings Time

Daylight-Savings-Time-FallDaylight Savings ends this week! This Saturday night we get to “fall back” and gain an hour of sleep!

But who are we kidding… I wonder if my girls will stay in bed an hour longer. Any bets?

To all of you that are parents of teenagers, and to those who are empty-nesters…enjoy that extra hour. To those who will probably miss the bliss because your young child operates on a body clock and not an actual clock… Sorry you missed out.

Many people use this biannual event as a reminder to do a few important chores around the house. (For others it just means that the clock in your car will finally be correct.)

Here are some conventional (and not-so-conventional) tasks that you can make note to do when daylight savings rolls around.

Conventional Reminders:

~ Test your Smoke detectors and change the batteries.

~ Change your home air filters (you’re really supposed to do this quarterly, but sometimes we forget!)

~ Cover your outdoor water faucets in preparation for the forthcoming cold temperatures. (In Texas, we don’t need to worry about that until January, when we have freezing temps and ice storm warnings fairly often.)

~ Flip your mattresses.

Unconventional reminders:

~ Schedule a DATE NIGHT!

If you haven’t had a night alone with your spouse since the spring daylight savings, then it has been tooooo long. Here serves as your reminder to do that!

hallmark~ Set your DVR to record the new holiday movies that ABC Family and Hallmark Channel put out every year! Hallmark is airing some this weekend, in anticipation of the upcoming season. I am obsessed with these movies. Love, love, love. I look forward to them all year.

~ Find a new book and start reading it! If you haven’t read in awhile (because who has the brain power to read after giving everything to small kids all day?), the holidays are a great time to pick up a Debbie Macomber Christmas-themed romance. Light some candles, make a bubble bath, and read away.

~ Shop for one new Thanksgiving decoration, whether it’s for your dining room table, your mantle or otherwise. I know we can’t overhaul our decor each year, as much as we want to copy everything we just saw at Pottery Barn the other day. But get one new thing you can afford – it will make you feel happy and excited for November!

~ Have you painted your toenails lately, or done a facial mask? Do something special for yourself that is usually last on the list.

Happy Daylight Savings weekend to you!




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