20 Kid Friendly Recipes

Getting your kids to eat can be super hard. Kids are picky and meal planning/prep can be so stressful on a Mom. Lucky for you I’m sharing some wonderful kid friendly ideas today from Moms and friends all over! Hopefully you can use this list when meal planning and find some new things your kids will eat. I can’t wait to try some of these myself 🙂

20 kid friendly recipes

  1. Frito Pie   :  A family favorite
  2. Apple Pie French Toast :  This looks so yummy and fun for kids!
  3. No Bake Cake : No bake is my style 🙂
  4. Eggs in a Basket: How fun and kids would love to help make this.
  5. Blueberry Banana Cookies: Perfect for babies!
  6. Macaroni and Cheese (for little kids) Looks great for toddlers too!
  7. Kid Cookies: These would be perfect for an after school snack or even breakfast.
  8. Corn Pancakes: Yummy! Makes a great breakfast for dinner idea.
  9. Pumpkin Parfait: Good breakfast or fun dessert.
  10. Apple Cinnamon Granola: Perfect for a snack or even yogurt topping.
  11. 2 Minute Pancakes: Super fast and simple!
  12. Pizza Bites: Great for an after school treat or fast lunch/dinner.
  13. Cheese and Veggie Muffins:  (for Toddlers) These look great and you can mix in lots of veggies!!
  14. Crock pot Cheese Ravioli: Easy crock pot idea and makes for great school lunches.
  15. Spinach Pancakes (for baby) Perfect for kids just starting to eat table food.
  16. Taco Soup: A hearty soup that is good for a cold night.
  17.  Kid Smoothie: Healthy and lots of ways to sneak in fruits and veggies!
  18. Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry: A yummy one pot dish that is full of flavor.
  19. PB Energy Balls (no bake) Makes a great treat or breakfast!
  20. Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Red Potatoes (freezer bag) This looks so great and love that it’s a freezer bag recipe!

There are so many yummy and healthy recipes you can try with your kids! My biggest tip is to get your kids involved in the shopping and baking/cooking. They are more likely to eat something if they can help out in the kitchen from start to finish. Make it a goal to try something new 2 times a month. Over time you will have some great recipes to use that will please your whole family 🙂

What are your favorite kid friendly recipes?

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November 25, 2015
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  • Reply Echo

    Kid friendly recipes are ALWAYS needed! Thank you for sharing this list at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

    December 1, 2015 at 11:12 pm
  • Reply Danita Carr

    All of these sound just perfect! Thanks for sharing! #SmallVictories

    December 1, 2015 at 11:48 pm
  • Reply Candace

    I have never understood how people say that their kids won’t eat. Weird. My kids were never like that, they love food!! I started when they were young, showing them that eating healthy and eating only when you are hungry is important, they learned early and it stuck with them.

    You can see what my kids typical lunch consisted of when they were going to charter school here…

    We homeschool now, so they make their own meals whenever they get hungry.

    My son makes most of our family meals and has become our little family chef for the past 4 years. He asks for things like cookbooks and fryers and pasta makers for his birthday, LOL (btw, he is almost 12)

    January 4, 2016 at 12:19 pm
    • Reply Shannon

      How fun Candace! I will check out your site too. I love that your son likes to help you in the kitchen, that’s wonderful!

      January 4, 2016 at 1:16 pm
  • Reply Samantha

    Somehow I completely missed this when it posted! 🙂 Thanks for including some recipes from Momma Wants Java! All of these look delicious!

    March 21, 2016 at 7:27 am
    • Reply Shannon

      Oh! I’m glad you found it! This is one of our most popular posts!!

      March 21, 2016 at 9:07 am
  • Reply chefjoe11

    Thanks so much for including our corn pancakes! They are a perfect breakfast for dinner. http://www.cookwith5kids.com

    December 3, 2016 at 5:05 pm
  • Reply imgrum

    My kids will definitely love it, even I love it! Thank you for sharing these recipes!!

    January 9, 2018 at 5:24 am
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