5 Ways to Help Your Child Focus in Studies

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Children can be very active and curious, which means that it would be difficult to make them concentrate in the classroom or even at during the time they do homework. You might find making your kids attentive to studies a hard job sometimes. Here are five proven techniques parents can apply so that their kids will concentrate on their studies and will also enjoy it very much.

  1. Integrate Visual And Audio Aids To Lessons

Kids have short attention spans so hearing you talk for more than 30 minutes would be boring for them. Integrating drawings, images, music, and videos are good ways to increase the interest of the children. With the visual aids, children will find concepts of lessons easier to understand. Audio clips, on the other hand, help the kid strengthen their auditory skills. Try to be observant of your kid and accommodate their learning style as every kid has different approaches that they best respond to.

  1. Provide Kids With A To-Do List

Having a lot of tasks can be overwhelming for a child. This can lead to them refusing to concentrate on the tasks that they will be doing. A to-do list helps the child’s mind codify these tasks. By having a to-do list, they will be able to focus on tasks that they want to do.

Additionally, it gives them an idea of their progress as each item is crossed off the list. This gives them a feeling of satisfaction as they near completion of all the items.

  1. Do Physical Activities In The Lessons

No child would ever want to sit for an entire lesson. This is an opportunity for you to engage them in a physical activity.

Moving around motivates the brain. The physical aspect of the activities improves the circulation of the blood to the brain and other parts of the body, which boosts the mood and mental capacity of the child.

Plus, if it comforts you, these physical activities also help your child to maintain an active lifestyle, which would prove valuable as they grow up.

  1. Do Not Scold The Kid As Much As Possible

Yes, it can be frustrating when the child is not listening to the lesson but as the adult in the room, it is important for you to be patient. Scolding him will only result in them feeling embarrassed. Be positive in your quest for them to focus. You can do this by putting forward engaging cues like asking them a question they can answer by themselves or patting them on the shoulder gently.

  1. Scheduled Breaks In Between Lessons

If adults have trouble doing tasks for hours, imagine how hard it is for children. Scheduled breaks every hour or so to help them recharge for the next part of the lesson. While on this break, they can play their favorite game or you can talk to them about things that are not related to the class.


Focusing on the tasks is an essential thing that children should learn as they grow up. This will improve their chances of being excellent in their academics, co-curricular activities and other school-related events. If you are always busy with your work and task and not having enough time to take care of the studies of your kids, you can hire a private tutor to help your kid with all the homework and also apply the above-mentioned techniques to improve concentration.

January 14, 2018
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