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Some states already started school, while others won’t begin until after Labor Day.  In Texas, Monday’s the big day.  I have a mixture of emotions going on.  As much fun as we’ve had this summer, I think we’re all ready to return to a routine.  We’ve played and played and played…now it’s time to learn, socialize and try new things.  But I find it hard to send my daughters off to navigate their social and academic worlds, totally independent of Mommy.  I will think about my big 7 year old who is a little anxious about starting 2nd grade EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY on Monday.  No exaggeration.  God’s got her in His perfect care…I know He does.  And He cares more about all of my little concerns for her, even more than I do.  She will make friends, she will have confidence and express her usual fun personality, and she will feel secure.  Those are my prayers at the moment.  In an effort to avoid tears, this morning I am choosing to focus on the funny side of sending your kids off to school.  Here are a few funnies for you – to distract you from any emotion you may have about this big day! First Day Drop Off Checklist





And of course, this video was all over Facebook last year…but it is hysterical and absolutely worth sharing again this year!

I hope all of you had a great day today!

August 25, 2014
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