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With Back to School here I’d thought I’d take some time to share some favorite gift ideas to shower your teacher with love. After all, even though school is just starting your teacher has been hard at work for the past few weeks, if not more, getting ready for this school year. Just a little something can really show you care and make your teacher feel special! Trust me, I’m a teacher 🙂

This was what we did last year with my daughter’s Kinder teacher. It was very simple and cute. We ended up finding the bag at Hobby Lobby of all places but it worked and she lit up when G handed it to her. I didn’t make it too fancy and we actually hand wrote the saying on a little card. Easy and cost maybe $2.99 at most!

I’ve seen these all over on-line lately and they are super cute plus they can be customized to whatever you want. A teacher survival kit! Trust me, teachers NEED chocolate!! I think this is perfect for the bite size candies and little trinkets. Too cute.

Hand Sanitizer: I know this may seem like a weird gift idea but you have NO idea how much of this a teacher will go through each school year. 20-25 kids using this every single day X 3 times a day = lots of hand sanitizer! This is a totally cute way to spruce this up!

I told you, Teachers LOVE CHOCOLATE! This is really cute and very simple! This could be for anyone, not just a teacher.


Flowers! Now this may take a little more time to put together but this would sure help brighten your teacher’s day! I’ve seen these also using pencils too with daisies and it’s so sweet.

Even if you choose to not give your teacher a back to school gift consider having your child write a sweet note or drawing a picture with their name on it. I have a collection of saved art work and nice notes that have been given to me over the years. Trust me, a simple gesture goes a LONG way and shows you care. Teachers don’t go home at 3:00 like most think. They put in LONG days and LONG hours and most weekends are spent on school work as well. Take a few minutes every few weeks to send a nice email or just say “Thank you!” They will appreciate your kind gesture!

Have a fantastic year!

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August 14, 2014
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