Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Remember when I shared my ranch pretzel recipe with you last week? The pretzels that were so good that they were nicknamed ‘crack’ pretzels because they were so good? Well guess what? I’ve found an even better recipe, perfect for those of you that like a salty sweet taste. These are cinnamon sugar pretzels and they are divine. So good that we were fighting over who had more in their snack bowl.

My kids love all things cinnamon. Our favorite Saturday morning tradition is cinnamon roll Saturday. They love cinnamon toast and cinnamon on their french toast. It’s just so good. After loving our ranch pretzels so much I decided to try a new spin, a sweet and salty combo using the cinnamon flavor we all love and sugar. As soon as I started baking the savory cinnamon smell started spreading around my house and I knew these were going to be good.

Like the ranch pretzel recipe, these are super easy to make and don’t call for many things.


The perfect salty and sweet snack, cinnamon sugar pretzels

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