Gerber Lil’ Beanies Snacks

Gerber lil'beanies make the best toddler snacks! Great tasting and full of protein thanks to the navy beans #gerberlilbeanies #ad

This is a sponsored post. I was hired by The Women Bloggers to participate in this #GerberLilBeanies campaign led by Kendal King Group on behalf of Nestle. All opinions are my own.

As a Mom it is my job to encourage healthy eating and snacking with my kids. With my 8 year old I can get her to eat apples and salad, but the 2 year old is harder. Now that he knows what sugar is he’d much rather have the sugary snacks. I’m thrilled with Gerber Lil’Beanies Baked snacks for toddlers! They are baked with beans, and have awesome flavors that even Mom wants to eat some!

Gerber lil'beanies make the best toddler snacks! Great tasting and full of protein thanks to the navy beans #gerberlilbeanies #ad

Gerber Lil’Beans can be found at Walmart and are packed with protein, thanks to the navy beans. What I love is that they are not made with genetically modified ingredients, and they have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Plus, they have a great taste that even my older kids like.

Gerber lil'beanies make great toddler snacks

The snacks come in 2 tasty flavors, cheddar cheese and broccoli.  My toddler had not idea he was eating broccoli flavored snacks that were full of protein! I love sneaking in some nutrition and knowing these are healthier treats, not full of sugar.

Gerber Snacks while playing

Gerber Lil’Beanies make great snacks on the go and around the house. They don’t get little fingers all messy and they are a safe snack to eat in the car. So far my little one has been gobbling them up and wanting more 🙂

Gerber lil'beanies snacks make the perfect snacks for toddlers

You can see he is one happy toddler thanks to #GerberLilBeanies snacks!!

Be sure to look for Gerber Lil’Beanies snacks at your next trip to Walmart! I will have these on my toddler’s snack list every week now!

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  1. I have a little one who is shy just a few months of two years old. Now that she is on the go so much sometimes it is hard to get her to sit still long enough to eat a snack. But she loves the Lil’ Beanies and will sit down to eat them in a split second! Glad your little guy likes them too!

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