Getting Crafty with Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard wallI’ve wanted to experiment with chalkboard paint for years. I’ve seen it all over blogs and Pinterest. Finally last week in Home Depot I got some! Originally I was going to paint a wall in the kids playroom. I scratched that idea and decided to do a small section first. I have a small, galley kitchen and I thought the side of one of the cabinets would be perfect. While baby was down for a nap, my big helper and I got started. Here’s a before pic.

Here’s my helper getting started. Notice something wrong?? Well, I’m not much of a painter so I didn’t do a very important first step.  PRIMER. Oops. I figured this out after my 3rd coat of paint was dry and looked great.  My daughter went to write something and the paint just slid right off.  Painting fail. Big time. Then I realized I should’ve used primer. So another trip to Home Depot, we primed over the paint, then painted 2 nice coats of chalkboard paint.


Perfect! My daughter loved the little area. First thing in the morning she sat down to write and draw. Now I have a lot of leftover chalkboard paint, so I’ve been looking around the house to see what I should paint next. This time I will NOT forget to prime first.

Chalk board paint is a quick fix to any wall or cabinet to have you chalkboard ready.


July 23, 2014
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