IDO3D Pen Set {Making Art Fun}

This is a sponsored post by  IDo3D . They hired me to try out this art project and write a blog post about it.  I loved being able to spend some time with my kids being creative! All opinions are mine.

I Do 3DMy daughter is a HUGE fan of doing arts and crafts. Our floors and tables are covered in art supplies galore. When we found out about this 3D art set my daughter was so excited!  She had seen it on a commercial and couldn’t wait to try! Art can be messy at times, but it sure is fun for kids and gives them a chance to be creative!

The IDO3D  set includes a cool guide book  that will show you exactly what to do and give neat shapes to trace. It also includes a 5 piece pen set with assorted colors. I will say that my daughter was very disappointed when we saw the colors. We did get 5 pens as stated, but we only got red, yellow, and green. The guide books shows several creations that are blue and purple, so we were disappointed but the box does state that colors will vary. The spot light pen does require 3 AAA batteries to get started.

I Do 3D butterflyMy daughter loved all the cool designs and choices. She had fun looking through the book and deciding on what to make first. She chose to do the butterfly first. The kit recommend this  kit for kids 8+ and I agree. It was hard for her to squeeze the pens to get the ink to come out. She did need some assistance to make sure all the lines were covered.  It took us just a few minutes of practice but then we were able to figure it out. The directions in the guidebook have very clear pictures that are easy to follow. I appreciated that!

I Do 3D penWe did the outline of the butterfly then we used the spotlight to dry. It did take longer to dry than expected. We are not in a very cold climate so maybe it just depends on how much ink was used. I think you should draw small sections then dry instead of doing the entire picture then drying. That would take too long.  We did get some of the liquid pen ink on our fingers but it never hurt or was irritating to our skin. It washed off easy. The butterfly outline did mold and then we traced the rest of the butterfly.

I Do 3D heatI found the design to be pretty sticky. It was hard to get it to stand up. I’m not sure that we could get it to look exactly like the pictures 🙂 The box says you can make up to 25 projects. (Pens refills are not available)



Good price (Prime on Amazon)

Comes with some great choices in the guide book

Doesn’t make a mess (this is HUGE!! no glitter or scraps of paper on the floor!)

Fun, easy craft for kids (We both had a great time!)



Color choices (you won’t get all the colors as stated on the box)

Pens can be hard to squeeze

Drying time takes longer than expected

I Do 3D Art

Overall I’d say this was a very fun activity. My daughter really had a great time and after our first creation, she was ready to do another one! This would be a great activity if your kids were having a play date because it’s something new and different that kids 8+ would enjoy. It also would be a good activity to do on a rainy day or cold day when you can’t go outside!



November 24, 2015
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