5 Kid-Friendly Features to Look for in Your Next Apartment

Did you know that more apartments these days are offering kid-friendly fun? Make the most of this opportunity and look out for these kid-friendly features in your next apartment.


Apartment complexes sometimes have a playground on site. How great would this be? You could keep your kids entertained easily with a playground. Not only is it great for entertainment but it’s great for exercise and fresh air. If you anticipate that your family will spend a lot of time at the playground, consider requesting an apartment adjacent to this amenity, perhaps even on the first floor. You might even be able get close enough that you could sit on your back patio and watch the kids play!

5 Kid Friendly Features to Look for In Your Next Apartment



Most apartment complexes have a pool but look for one with a kid-friendly pool option as well. Maybe they have a shallow area just for kids or a splash pad. This works great for kids and babies! A pool is so much fun to play in with kids and having one on site would be so convenient.


Kid’s Play Area at the Gym

Having a gym close by is a nice luxury but look for one that has a kid area too. This way you can work out and the kids will be close by so you get a workout and the kids can play.  This would be nice for the whole family.



Having a clubhouse would be a great place to get away and have more room to do some family fun activities. Some apartment clubhouses offer board games, big screen TV’s with video games, computer stations, and recreational games like billiards or air hockey. Maybe you have a game night or even host a playdate. A clubhouse should give you adequate space and provide a place for everyone to enjoy.

Playroom or Solarium

Kids come with a lot of stuff! From toys to games and baby gear it would be nice to have a designated area of space in your apartment for a playroom. Some apartments give renters the option to choose between a balcony or an extra closed room called a solarium. Solariums add additional square footage to your apartment living area and offer extra space perfect for a playroom.  As kids get older it can be a homework area or even media room. You will be glad to have all of their stuff in one place and they will enjoy having their own space.


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May 8, 2017
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