Fun Things To Do With Kids this Holiday Season

The holidays are here and now your kids will be out of school. There’s nothing worse than bored kids!  Do you want to have some fun and make memories? Here are some kid friendly holiday activities that everyone will enjoy.



If you cant go outside, then go inside. We take a special trip to our Galleria in Dallas and go ice skating. It’s a lot of fun and kids love it!


Pull out those family recipes and whip up some yummy holiday treats. Let your kids get in on the action by being your assistant. Even if you take the easy road and do slice and bake, your kids will enjoy it and everyone will love eating the treats. These are some of our favorite treats: Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies, White Trash Snack Mix, and Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.



This is a tradition at our house, we always go look at holiday lights! The kids put on pjs, we go and get hot chocolate, and we hit the road to a fun local neighborhood that goes above and beyond. I’m sure you have some in your area!


Nothing says the holidays like watching a family favorite movie. Home Alone? Elf? A Christmas Story, what’s your favorite movie? Pop some popcorn and settle in together for a fun at home evening.


This is a very, very sweet thing to do and teaches kids to be thankful for what they have. We love to do this every year. My daughter loves to help shop for another child. It will make all of you feel good inside for helping those in need.


Have a craft day! There are so many holiday crafts that boys or girls would like to do. We make a special keepsake  craft every year with the kids hand prints. It also makes a great gift for grandparents! We have so many craft ideas on our Pinterest boards.


Decorate the house and host a little kids get together. Do a fun gift exchange with a book or a white elephant gift.



My kids have always LOVED home made play dough. Its super easy to make and my kids love to choose the color. If stored correctly, the play dough will last so much longer then store bought. Give them some cookie cutters and they will be busy for hours! See my recipe for no cook easy playdough.


If you’re stuck inside due to yucky weather, make it fun by doing lots of science experiments. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. You probably have lots of supplies! Here’s one of our favorite inside activity that keeps kids busy for a long time  (Baking Soda/Vinegar Fun)


This can be fun for the whole family! Pull out those fun games or even borrow some from a friend. Make it a simple pizza night and play games all night long.

A list of fun things to do with kids this holiday season


*If you have snow outside, make some home made ice cream with snow! Lots of recipes online!! I’ve never done it but it looks fun. Kids would love this!


This is something new I’m going to start. The holidays should be a time where you think of others. What better way to show this to your kids be completing random acts of kindness! Take some of those yummy treats you made to the fire or police station.  Pay it forward by paying for the person behind you in Starbucks. There are lots of ideas that will teach kindness.


Check out your local library for fun holiday events . Most libraries host special holiday events for kids of all ages. Most larger cities post events online.

There are so many Christmas book for kids! Start a new tradition of wrapping up a Christmas book and opening one a night to read together.

No matter what you do with your kids, just spending some quality time with them will make them feel loved. It can be as simple as staying up late one night or watching a movie in pjs. Make some fun memories that they will remember as adults.

3 Replies to “Fun Things To Do With Kids this Holiday Season”

  1. We always drive around and look at lights, but I love the idea of putting on PJs and stopping for hot cocoa. My kids would totally love that! Plus, I love PJs and hot cocoa. Win Win.

  2. I like the majoritiy of this activities to do them myself lol.
    I don’t have kids, but well, these are good ideas for grown ups and little ones as well 😉
    Have a nice holidays!

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