My New Healthy Snack

I’m all about snacking, but with good measure. I try not to snack much between meals but sometimes a good snack is what you need after a long day teaching! I’ve discovered a new (to me)  healthy snack that is not only delicious, it comes in chocolate too!!!

Have you ever seen  VitaTops before? I found mine in the frozen foods area of the organic area in my local Kroger.   VitaTop MuffinTops are a delicious quick treat you and your family can feel good about eating. They are 100-150 calories, low fat, high fiber and only made with clean and simple ingredients. Each MuffinTop has its own unique health benefits from Organic ingredients, Superfoods like flax & Chia seed, protein-rich, and Gluten Free.

I couldn’t wait to try them because I love all thing chocolate! They are delicious beyond words, especially the double chocolate flavor. They make a great after-school snack and could even serve as a quick breakfast if needed.

They are meant to stay frozen until you are ready to eat them and take just minutes to heat up in the toaster over or microwave. You can even take them with you and they will thaw on their own in less than an hour.   I love that these are packed with protein. This helps keep you full longer and the yummy flavors can really satisfy your sweet tooth!

 These are the only MuffinTops you can feel good about eating!!

There’s nothing better than a chocolate snack that is full of protein and delicious!!

Are you a busy Mom on the go? Make sure you try out these VitaTops to take with you. Try them now and get a $1.00 off coupon. You can find them at your local Target or Kroger in the frozen foods section.





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