Easy Ways to Refresh Your House for Spring

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refresh your house

Is it finally feeling like spring where you live? Here in Texas we sort of get a spring/summer mix up sometimes but it’s still a great time to clean out and do some spring cleaning! Here are some simple ways you can refresh your house for spring.

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Mosquito Joe

refresh your house

In Texas, we get horrible mosquitos this time of year. It can be really scary with all the diseases they can carry. I always seem to get bitten and I swell up all over. It’s a shame when we can’t go outside because of the silly pets. Not anymore!

Mosquito Joe to the rescue! Their mosquito sprays have barrier treatments which rid yards of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks for up to 21 days. This is great for people with pets too. We are taking control and by using this mosquito prevention we can now enjoy the outside longer which is so nice!

I loved the treatment that we had at our house. The workers were very polite and helped to rid of us standing water that mosquitos love. They were also very considerate of kids and pets when spraying. I would highly recommend this service, especially if you live in an area that is prone to mosquitos!

Use the code:   BUZZONLINE for $25 off your first treatment on their website to find a location center near you.


Krud Kutter

refresh your house

Something I really needed to do was a full kitchen spring clean. Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner was perfect for my oven, sink, and microwave. It removes tough grease and I love that is non-toxic for the counters as well.  I also used Krud Kutter Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant. It’s EPA Registered to kill 99.9% of bacteria & germs. It’s bleach-free and cleans, disinfects & deodorizes in one-step.

I’ve been loving these cleaners in my home and really notice a difference in my kitchen.  You can find more about the Krud Kutter Cleaner and learn where you can find it on their website.


Scrub Daddy

refresh your space

The Scrub Daddy Daisy Dishwand System is the perfect spring addition to your sink! It has 3 uniquely shaped scrubbing heads,  that change texture, resist odors, don’t scratch and clean really well. The suction cup base keeps everything in place at your sink and it has a built-in drain. I love how everything stays organized and neat.  It works great on those dishes that are hard to clean. The scrub daisy is so cute my kids have actually been wanting to help with the dishes now at night!

Find out more about the Scrub Daddy Daisy Dishwand System.


Waterpik: WaterSense Showerhead

refresh your house

So many states like California, Colorado, and New York City adopted laws requiring 2.0 gpm, you might need to switch to a Waterpik: WaterSense Showerhead to comply with the new laws. The new regulations go into effect this summer.  After all my spring cleaning it’s nice to have a refresh with a Waterpik Shower Massage! It feels wonderful.

Find out more about the Waterpik: WaterSense Showerhead


Duck Brand: Duck Pack & Track

refresh your house

This is perfect for this time of year as you are packing up winter clothes in boxes or large storage containers. It’s also great if you are moving or needing to store any items. The whole system is so easy!  Here’s how it works:

  • purchase Duck Pack & Track™ labels at Walmart or Walmart.com
  • download  Duck Pack & Track™ app (available forApple or Android,)
  • place a Duck Pack & Track™ on the box,
  • scan the QR code  with your phone
  • name the box (and contents!)

It keeps track of your stuff so you don’t have to! This time of year I am always cleaning out closets and putting our winter stuff away and always forgetting what I put in each storage container. This will help save me so much time!!

Find out more about the Duck Brand: Duck Pack & Track and See How it Works 


Westcott: Carbo Titanium Scissors

refresh your house

Westcott scissors are the world’s favorite scissors and I can see why! They are titanium bonded 3X harder than stainless steel so the blades stay sharper longer. These are definitely ‘Mommy’ scissors as I like to call them and are perfect for left or right-handers. They have a lifetime warranty and stay sharper longer. I’ve been using these around my house for everything like opening packages, cutting rope, and even cutting plastic.

Find out more about Westcott Scissors.


All of these great products are helping me refresh my home, what about you? Have you done your spring cleaning?

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May 1, 2018
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