Starting Kindergarten

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I’m so happy to share this sweet story with you today. This is from one of my beautiful Mommy friends that wrote this last year as her first born baby girl was headed off to Kindergarten. Get your tissues ready!

Starting kindergarten as told by Mommy and McKinley:

She says: I can’t wait to start Kindergarten!
Mommy thinks: But you were only 4 just last week

She says: I can’t wait to eat in a real cafeteria!
Mommy thinks: Who will open her string cheese?

She says: I want to go to the library and gym class
Mommy thinks: What if she is too scared to go to the potty?

She says: I can’t wait to play on the playground with all my new friends!
Mommy thinks: What if nobody wants to play with her?

She says: I only need to take my lunch and backpack
Mommy thinks: What if she misses Baby Bear?

It’s time to go!

Mommy says: I wish I was going to kindergarten!
She says: Aren’t you like 58?! You’re too old for kindergarten!

Mommy says: 37. And your right. Now it’s your turn.

We make the walk to our first day of kindergarten, with tiny fast foot
steps and heavy heels wishing to dig in and stop time. The door opens.
She shrinks back and grabs my hand.

She says: Can you stay Mommy?
Mommy thinks: Grab the girl and run! There are still tea parties to
throw, blanket forts to be made, bubbles to blow, pictures to draw,
swimming pool handstands to be perfected, princess dresses to be

But Mommy says: It’s going to be great! You’ll have so much fun!!! And everyone will love you!

She gives one last hug, a little wave and off she goes. Mommy
breathes, wipes a tear and realizes that her very own heart just went
back to kindergarten.

Good Luck to all my sweet friends and their babies!

August 20, 2014
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