The Tooth Fairy…and Other Fun Ways to Celebrate Lost Teeth

Usually around 5 or 6 years of age, kids have that oh-so-exciting moment when they lose their first tooth!  (As with every milestone in a child’s life, the range of when this happens is very wide.  Could be age 4, could be 7…)

Do you remember the stories of old about parents tying a string to the tooth, and the other end to a doorknob…and then slamming the door quickly?  What a horrifying image that is, and now that I’m a parent, I have a question for the generation that did this:  Why didn’t you just wait until the tooth was really ready?!  We don’t touch it until it is literally hanging by a thread.
Actually, we don’t touch it at all.  Our school nurse pulled 2 out of 3 for us.  And one was pulled by our Dentist.  So, we’ve gotten off easy so far on the tooth pulling thing.  (Therein lies a tip, by the way.  If your child has a very loose tooth, send them to school with a note to give teacher a heads’ up that at any moment…say, at lunch…your child may lose a tooth.  The teacher may send him or her to have the Nurse look at it.)

So what does the tooth fairy leave in your house?  Money, or a present?  I asked my daughter which she hoped the tooth fairy would leave…and she chose a present.  Instant gratification, I guess.

Here are some adorable ideas for a lost tooth:

~ Get a cute tooth pillow! You can easily make a simple one using felt, scissors and hot glue or thread. Or, check out some of the cute ones that have been collected on Pinterest.
~ Leave a  personalized letter from the tooth fairy / Sample 2
~ Leave a Lost Tooth Certificate along with the gift.
~ Sprinkle a few feathers, some glitter or sparkly confetti near their pillow, on the floor, and maybe by the window sill or door.  Someone special has been here!
~ When my daughter lost her first tooth, naturally we were very proud and excited for her. We gave her a small gift from Mom and Dad, in addition to the Tooth Fairy gift.   It was a book, with a note to her written inside the front cover.

Dear Lydia, Congratulations on losing your first tooth!  You were so brave and Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you!  What a big girl you are!  God has many more wonderful and special things planned for you, Lydia!  Love, Mommy and Daddy November 5, 2013

Finally, I leave you with this cute video from PBS Kids.  A few years ago I discovered this episode of Super Why about the Tooth Fairy. It is a super sweet tale about what she does with all of the teeth she collects.  It also has a cute little rhyme about brushing your teeth. Share it with your kiddos!

August 15, 2014
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