Valentines for Kids

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Even thought it’s still January, it’s time to start thinking about Valentines Day! I love Valentines Day! I think it’s the sweetest holiday and I love all things Pink and Red,  I’ve always had fun getting my daughter’s Valentines together for her classmates. I thought I’d share a few fun and simple Valentines that anyone can do! These are some of my favorites…





Even though Valentines is typically a sugar fest holiday I really try and take into consideration kids with allergies. We do not do candy type Valentines at our house for friends. Just in my daughter’s small first grade class there are 3 kids with special allergies that cannot have certain types of foods. I would feel awful for them not being able to enjoy like everyone else so we always try and do non-food treats. Think about the Dollar Tree or $1 Section at Target. Look in the party supplies area at stores for the bouncy balls and bubbles. With the world of Pinterest, the sky is the limit!
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Happy Heart Day!
January 24, 2015
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