Walmart Savings Catcher

Attention Walmart shoppers! Do you shop at Walmart? If so, do you use the savings catcher app? You should, it could be saving you lots of money without clipping coupons!! I know Walmart is not my ‘favorite’ place to shop either but I’m all about saving easy money. We have a new ‘neighborhood’ Walmart that opened up last year. I do like it okay. Short lines, no crowds = I get in and out fast. Last spring I started seeing these commercials for the new Walmart program, savings catcher. I knew I had to try it out! I even mentioned it this summer on my money saving apps post. Today I’m talking all bout the Savings Catcher!

It’s literally SO easy. All you do is shop at Walmart and save your receipt! Download the Walmart app on your smart phone. On the very bottom of your receipt there is a long bar code. Open the Walmart app (sign in) and click on the bar code scanner at the top of the app. 

The app should read your bar code and then all you do is select the date you shopped. That’s it! Walmart does the rest of the work for you! They will compare what you bought to prices at stores in your area and GIVE YOU THE DIFFERENCE!
You will get a confirmation email that Walmart received your receipt. Then once they find the price differences they get stored in your account. When you are ready, you can add the money onto a Walmart gift card.
Now comes the truth. So I’ve been using this app since April. I saved a few dollars here and there. Guess what? I looked at my account last week and I had $53!! That’s $53 that I did NOTHING to get. I only shopped at Walmart. No clipping coupons. No buying special products. I bought our normal stuff. I loaded that $53 on a gift card and got to do some FREE SHOPPING! Do you like shopping with free money? I do! I was so happy!  Now get out there and start shopping at Walmart with the Savings Catcher App!
November 6, 2014
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