Just to make them smile

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Oh the many things I’ve done out of love for my children… It goes without saying that being a parent requires that we be sacrificial and selfless from day one.  #1 case in point:  loss of sleep.  And about 112 different chores related to potty and/or vomit.  (Eww.)  It comes with the job.  But what about the things that weren’t requirements of the job, but you did just to make them smile?
I bet you’ve dressed up with them for Halloween, or perhaps spent 20 hours trying to make a birthday cake in the character your child so desperately wanted.  Did you let the kids play with play-doh, despite the inevitable mess it would create in your grout or carpet? Here are a few of mine.


  1. Crawled through ALL of the tunnels and slid down ALL of the slides at Kid Mania – three times.  (It’s a crazy place!!)
  2. Dared to let the world see my flaws and wore a bathing suit at the public swimming pool so they could have fun in the sun with their Mom.
  3. Converted my dining room into a playroom….sigh.
  4. Watched Frozen 463 times.  And a few years’ back…Barney.  (Parents who watch Barney with their kids deserve a trophy.  It’s awful.)
  5. Let my girls hijack my nice, serene, candle-lit bubble bath.
  6. Two words:  Dance Party!!
  7. Drove all over town retracing our errands to find the lovey we left who-knows-where.
  8. Let them wear ugly clothes with Disney Princesses on them, instead of adorable,
    smocked, puffy-sleeve dresses with eyelet trim.
  9. McDonald’s.  (Need I say more?)
  10. Squeezed into my wedding dress after 7 years so we could all be princesses together.

What memorable things can you recall doing, just because it made the kids happy?  It’s an honor and a privilege to be a parent, and many of these little decisions contribute to the happy memories your kids will remember forever.


July 14, 2014
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