Back to School Snack Mix

This back to school snack mix is such a yummy treat for both after school and lunches! Make sure you make a double batch because it will be gone fast! Check out my recipe below.

I cannot believe that our fun summer is almost over. This was by far our shortest summer ever. We got out earlier so we go back earlier too. I’m no ready yet and I know we are all going to be on the struggle bus in the mornings. I need to work hard to get ourselves organized so the mornings are smooth. That’s key for me. If I’m not running around like a nutso then the mornings are better.

The best back to school tips from an experienced Mom!


Since I’m not a newbie when it comes to back to school here are some of my favorite back to school tips!

  • Plan Ahead: Get everything ready days before (not just the night before!) We try and get clothes ready for the week if possible. If the kids have one of those special weeks where they have to wear something special (You KNOW it’s going to happen!) I plan and get their stuff ready for the week. I don’t do lunches a full week but we do them the night before as much as we can.


  • Backpacks/Shoes/Socks by the Door: Before my kids go to bed we get their bags and shoes/socks ready to slip on as we are going out the door. This way we are not running all over the house searching for that one shoe!


  • Take your pics before the morning of: The first day of school morning is SO CRAZY so save some time and do some real pics the day before. The kids will get a test run of their outfits and you will get better pics!


One thing’s for sure- my kids will be starved after school so we came up with a fun back to school snack mix tossed with some yummy treats. It’s a great combination that you can easily sub in other things too or leave out any you don’t like.

Snack Mixes are so fun because the kids can help you put it together and even help you pick out their favorite things to add in.  It’s a win-win in my book! We like salty and sweet so of course, we added in some of both. Since it’s school time, we are calling this our Back to School Snack Mix!

back to school snack mix

For our snack mix we used:

  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • Goldfish
  • Cheese It’s
  • CranRaisins
  • M&M’s
  • Mason Jars to store

Some mixes have marshmallows, just FYI, I’ve done this before and the marshmallows get hard really fast so I don’t ever use them anymore!  Like I said earlier, you can add in anything else. This would be great with some type of nut but my kids don’t like nuts at all so I had to leave those out.

All we did is mix everything together and then store in fun mason jars to make it look cute. My daughter especially liked this. You could easily go a step farther and make a cute tag and send this is a back to school teacher gift. We also do something else for the teachers on the first day but this would be cute and simple!

A yummy back to school mix that is perfect for your starving kids! Mix and match with your favorite goodies!

Want some other ideas for the big first week? Try: Healthy Cookies (would make a great breakfast or snack!) and these Taco Stuffed Peppers from Aileen Cooks look fabulous!

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