Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board

kid friendly Charcuterie board

Make dinner fun with this kid friendly Charcuterie board meal idea! It’s easy to throw together and snack on when you don’t want a big meal. The kids will LOVE it!

kid friendly Charcuterie board

When my kids were little I used to sometimes serve them a ‘snack’ dinner when my husband wasn’t going to be home and I didn’t want to cook something. It usually consisted of some cheese, crackers, yogurt, maybe another protein, and then a treat. Then I came up with muffin tin meals for some holiday fun dinner ideas too.

Have you checked out my muffin tin meals? This was my first muffin tin meal 

muffin tin meal

and then I made an all orange Halloween muffin Tin, a Valentine (all red/Pink), A Trolls Theme Tin,  and then our favorite, the Easter Egg Muffin Tin . 

Now that my kids are older I’ve always wanted to put together a nicer looking display. The still love all these foods and even newer foods now so I knew they love more veggies so I wanted to put together a kid friendly charcuterie board.

I’d been seeing some of these pretty boards on my feed for holidays and party ideas. They looked so fun to make. The first step was figuring out what exactly my kids would eat. I’m pretty luck that my kids do like a lot of fruits and raw veggies. They also love ranch dip! One of our favorites is a this greek yogurt ranch dip that I make. My kids also love hummus.

kid friendly Charcuterie board

Ideas for your Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Raw veggies: Think variety of color!

carrots, peppers, cucumbers, snow peas, broccoli, pickles


strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, baby oranges


Pepperonis, summer sausage, deli meat rolled up,


Lots and lots of cheeses cut up!

Crackers: Variety of crackers

Treats: Add in some type of chocolate for a sweet treat

What you will need is some type of large board or tray. I used one of my china serving trays. The china we got from our wedding that we never use (sadly!) It worked nicely for this as there are only for of us. If I was to make this for a party I would definitely need a bigger one or make several of these.

I washed and chopped up everything. Then I added our dips in small bowls and placed those on the tray first. This made placement of other things easy. You want to add things in a few spots, not just in one. For example, put your cheese in a few corners with some crackers.

Keep going and adding things. Pretty soon your tray will be FULL! This is a good sign. Add in some few toothpicks and you are good to go!

kid friendly Charcuterie board

When I get the thumbs up I know that I’ve done something right! This was a total hit with my kids and so fun. It would be great to serve with soup night or with sandwiches. My kids have been asking for this again and I need to do it. It would also be fun at a kid party or even for a holiday!

Have you ever done a kid friendly Charcuterie board?

November 15, 2019
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