Toddler Fine Motor Spider Activity

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Since I’m teaching preschool now I’m all about finding fun things the kids can do at school. Lucky for me I have a 3 year old so he is my best tester to see if something is going to actually work. I see this on Pinterest and knew I had to try. This is a wonderful activity to help work on fine motor skills! The spiders make it fun this time of year but you can do this any time of the year too. Here’s how to make this spider web.


You will need a basket with holes, yarn, plastic spiders, and some clothes pins or tongs for picking up the spiders.

Make a long string of yarn. I ended up using way more than I thought! Tie one end to a hole on one side of the basket and start weaving it back and forth, in and out, until it looks like a spider web. Place your spiders in the bottom and then show your child how to collect the spiders using the clothes pins or tongs!


You could easily change this out and instead of spiders use little pumpkin erasers or something for another holiday! My 3 year old loved this and so did the rest of my class. It wasn’t easy to do. Some could do it really fast and others took awhile. Have some extra clothes pins because they do break easily.

This is a great learning activity too. Kids will work on their pre-writing skills as they are using their pincher grip to open and clothes the clothes pin. This is a great fine motor skill!

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October 26, 2016
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